Green knitted tieHere we go again. All the Monsieur London team is back on track after very some... Lire l'article →

Philippine d'Otreppe

For this new season, London based belgian illustrator Philippine d'Otreppe accepted to collaborate...

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Morgane Guerry

Talented illustrator and art director, Morgane Guerry created three original pocket squares drawings for Monsieur London,

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Monsieur LondonI guess it was meant to happen. But for years, men were wearing what their wives, girlfriends or even husbands were buying for them. Lire l'article →

Monsieur London Rosewood Hotel

Dear friends,

Holiday season is almost upon us, and the new collection will be online next week,

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Croquis Sartoriaux

Monsieur London is celebrating his third birthday by launching its first collaboration.

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Are you reading this from a desktop computer ? If so you are most likely working...

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I did history at school; I also wore a tie at school, these were two things that, at the time, I didn’t like. Lire l'article →
Well, it seems that we have both good and bad news to announce. Lire l'article →

Our friends from "The Holborn", whith whom we have been talking...

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