The new collection is coming... soon.

Mar 11, 2014

Brown paisley pocket squareSo you spent your weekend on a roof top, in the park, by the canal, feeding social networks with your spring photos. Lucky rascals! While you were getting a much needed hit of vitamin D, sun glasses firmly sat on your nose, a fresh glass of chardonnay in your hand, the Monsieur London team was locked inside with a camera and a tripod shooting the new collection.

Not that we mind being surrounded by our new summery colourful accessories. Quite the opposite, we are rather proud to facilitate what will be one of the most chic summers of the decade whether by the canals of London, the streets of bath, the beach of Brighton or the great many shires of the UK, not to forget of course, you know, the rest of the world!

We’ll release our new collection in a couple of weeks including some new colours: mustard, light blue, beige, and rust, in lighter cloth. Before being able to do so, we have still some work to do, the second half of our photo shoot, amending the website and so on. Not to mention some rather important projects that are in motion, we will be able to tell you more about shortly. Until then, watch this space we’ve got some offers coming in the next few days.

Thibault and Valentin. 

PS: Yes, this stunning pocket square will be part of the new collection.

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