A new collection, infused with spring colours...

Mar 27, 2014

It's on! Infused with spring colours, bright pastels and shades of grey, the new accessories collection by Monsieur London is now available on our website. A classic range with a twist, it draws on traditional British style whilst adding a touch of French irreverence, reinventing the style whilst staying faithful to its key features and giving an edge to men’s summer wear, whether it is for a young, stylish audience, for the established smart dresser or simply for those in search of high quality accessories.

Rabbit tie

In addition to the classic silk, our ties are now also available in linen, and several different varieties of fine wool and silk mix. Whether these items are for wear in the city, on the beach or in the countryside, there are plenty of options to vary your style over the course of the summer season and its events. Our ties are all manufactured in Northern Ireland, as was the case for our first collection. Our braces, created by the famous company Albert Thurston to complement this collection, are available for purchase in many vibrant colours and in block colours, capped with leather and experimenting with colour tones and textures. Likewise, our pocket handkerchiefs, hand-sewn in the UK, offer an assortment of items in the quintessential colours for summer, in mustard yellow, coral, and different shades of blue.

Pocket squares

A major new feature of the collection is our new range of classic Panama hats, sourced from Ecuador and manufactured by hand in a local, fair trade-certified workshop in accordance, as always, with our brand values. We continue to promote the work of our choice artisan producers, whilst building long-term partnerships with them. Together with all the new additions to our range, you can of course still find our classic items on our website, including bags, belts, and a new range of driving gloves for summer, which will open in June.

Panama hat

This is of course without forgetting our extensive range of accessories already available for custom order. Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you would like more information.

Best regards,

Valentin and Thibault

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