The Holborn: From the workshop to the magazine.

Apr 17, 2014

Our friends from the Holborn just launched a kickstarter to move their blog to a print magazine. We have interviewed Morgan, one of the creators, about this amazing project. By Valentin Goux.

Why would someone create a new magazine when all the old ones are closing?

Print is a rapidly changing landscape, the ascent of the internet and digital media have transformed it’s parameters, though it has far from delivered a death nail. Where newspaper circulation is down, weekly journals are struggling and monthly glossies have lost their way, the independent quarterly magazine sector couldn’t be more vibrant. It is also a demanding sector- since so much information is readily and rapidly available for no cost to anyone with a smartphone you have to deliver great stories which are well written coupled with great design, illustration, and photography all bound together in great print. This is the world we want to be part of, we want you to sit back with a G&T, relax and read our stories like you would your favourite book.

What will The Holborn magazine be about?

In essence a well-made life. What we mean by this is we seek out and tell the stories of people from any walk of life that are dedicated to their craft. We search high and low for those hard working bartenders, tailors, food-stall holders, entrepreneurs and eccentrics who go the extra mile for their keep. We believe firmly in quality not luxury. That the enjoyment of well, made quality goods enhances life and should be celebrated. We believe that such a life should not have to cost the earth and can be enjoyed by all.

An increasing amout of young people are launching new magazines with a lot of creative and quality content nowadays in Europe. How will the Holborn be different from the others?

Two things spring to mind, firstly we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we look to impart a very rye British sense of humour into the quite earnest content we cover.

Secondly we see the Holborn as a very holistic experience. We are a lifestyle magazine in this sector at a time when you see a lot of magazines focusing with great success on many of the individual areas we cover. The Holborn has always been based around a physical idea, an egalitarian gentleman’s club as one reader once put it to me, and we shall guide you through the Bar, The Dressing Room, The Library, Our Workshop and then a midnight snack in The Pantry. At the heart of what we do is a principle, that of the Well-Made life, and that runs through all the rooms and the lifestyle we impart.

What are your biggest writing inspirations in terms of journalism?

I have been a lover of magazines since I was a teenager, The New Yorker was a strong early influence and for the past few years a Monocle has never been far from my side. Though I draw inspiration from so much print in many formats it’s a hard question to answer succinctly. One other primary writing influence has always been essays; I love to read essays from writers like Orwell, Hazlitt and William Morris. Has influenced my preference for long-form journalism immensely.

What about the Holborn Workshop? Did this experience help you to create the magazine?

We have always wanted to be more than a magazine, we wanted to be involved in a small way with the industries we talk about. We also value highly face to face contact with our customers and fans. We learnt a lot through the experience, curating a shop and telling the stories of the brands within wasn’t too dissimilar an experience to editing a magazine. We look forward to our next pop-up project.  

You can support this great project on its kickstarter page, here.
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