Well made shoes and quality gentlemen

Apr 30, 2014

J.FitzpatrickWe were invited a few days before Easter to join shoe maker J.Fitzpatrick at Timothy Everest’s atelier next to Spitafields market. Now, like in high school, I feel the urge to define the terms I have just used .“Invited to Join” : An invitation of course but more than that a certain warmth in the way to receive and received we have been. A lovely British sparkling wine that I initially confused for a champagne, open minded refined people that would look at you from head to toe only to feed their passion for nice materials and cuts, and proved to be the most easy going people one could possibly expect. Range of conversation went from Japanese menswear, art collection, tinder and classical tv shows like “The wire”.


An evening celebrating great shoes calls for guests with great shoes.

“Shoe maker J.Fitzpatrick” : Know as well for being the shoesnob, certainly one of the most interesting and detailed shoe blog out there, this young passionate American learnt his craft in Italy and launched, with his friendly associate, his first collection at n°1 Savile Row , Gieves and Hawkes where he had a concession for a year. Beyond those impressive references, there is the shoes themselves, his creations which are highly recommendable when it comes to quality for price. I will let you appreciate it with your own eyes.


On the left side of the picture: Justin Fitzpatrick and business partner Ngoni Tshekeche

Last but not least “Timothy Everest’s atelier” : As a creator should you close your eyes and wish for a perfect spot for you to make your nest, this is probably close to what you would get. Timothy Everest is a tailoring living legend, we could expect nothing less than the very simple sens of home, the elegance of the wood and testimonial painting collection that binds it all. Altogether, a very enjoyable night, new friends and the confirmation that J.Fitzpatrick is a man of taste who can tell us all a couple of things about shoes.

Thibault Fulchiron.

Find more about J.Fitzpatrick range on the website, www.jfitzpatrickfootwear.com 

Timothy Everest, 32 Elder St., E1 6BT London.

Justin will be there Monday through Friday, 10am-530pm  and Saturday upon appointment only.  

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