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May 13, 2014

Design sketch

Dearest Readers…It feels like we have been neglecting you a little over the past few days and are deeply sorry about it. Truth is, England is no different to any location on the globe, days have the unfortunate and ever so slightly annoying common denominator: They are made of 24 hours only, and every single of these precious hours have been spent with absolute determination to turn this new endeavour of ours into a successful boutique.

What does that mean, you may wonder? Well spending quite a lot of time chatting with your customers is a good start, then we could be found casually carrying the newly acquired occasional mannequins from their previous tailoring owner down Regent’s street to the arcade so they could adorn our shop windows, moving them around countless times a day to achieve display perfection, relentlessly reaching out to the press and bloggers (we’re getting a little help from our PR and digital team here …well, they’re great). Oh, and we have managed to fit in a few hours of sleep as well, just. This may sound overrated an exercise but we are self-conscious at times and the suited-up zombie look rolling up the shop’s blinds in the morning didn’t quite take our fancy.

All very exciting, I hear you say …but also strenuously demanding. That’s why we made sure some space in the diary was saved for some playtime. This coming Thursday will see us celebrating the public opening of our boutique in a slightly less formal manner but still aiming at rising to the challenge with wine flowing freely (spilling on your tie is not game just to clarify).

To mark the occasion and for your pleasure we have devised a little contest amongst other libations that we are sure will keep you entertained In line with our ethos of individualised products, we shall also offer you the opportunity to sketch your perfect accessory in our design book. Our Internet followers will choose the best idea and our artisans will create your dream with a complimentary version for you and the added prestige of knowing thereafter it will be for sale in our shop under your name.

You may wonder why we feel the need to impart this to our non-London (and proudly so) based readers, albeit a very nice and creative initiative. Because it gets better: definitely. We are opening the contest to you, all of you so fetch a sheet of paper, grab your best pen and dig out this little long forgotten folder where you have archived your sartorial inspiration cut-outs since trauma was inflicted by the sight of the ill fitting hat your uncle sported in church on the day of your confirmation and sketch away! Submit your design by Wednesday, 20th of May on hello@monsieurlondon.com.

Toodle-oo, good luck and may the best win!

Valentin Goux

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