The home of the well travelled man opens its doors to fashion professionals

Jun 03, 2014

On behalf of the team at Monsieur London, we want to thank you for attending our press launch and contributing to making it a huge success. More than 60 people have joined us last Thursday as we introduced our brand— a brand for fashion conscious individuals of all horizons who believe style is in the detail and love to cultivate connections through their travels, professions and personal journeys.

When we first put needle to thread, early in 2012, we knew that the menswear industry would show no sign of abating for the coming years, and that in order to make a difference we had to forge a special partnership with unique craftsmen. In that respect I hope that you felt that we were able to do justice to the talents of the artisans who give so much to deliver the style that we think to be important

We also hope that this press event served as a catalyst to many new connections. We appreciate the diverse group of people and the number of key influencers who have joined us and would like to address a special thank you to our partners who helped make this evening special:

Steven Skippen for his always impressive way to restore beauty to the worn out footwear. Mia Sabel for her showcasing of saddlery applied to the highest standards. Reme Campos our beloved and ever supporting photographer for enabling this event and our  #Accesstories  “ambassadors“ to be captured through her eyes.

Marion May and Flavie Trichet Lespagnol for their amazing documentary “ the feet project” retracing people’s hang ups with the least celebrated part of our anatomy (at least these days). Re-UP for their support in making us part of the conversation and visible. Guillaume Aubin from Aubin and Marcoli for the generous supplies of amazing London and Scottish gins that could have kept us rooted for the night. We continue hearing positive feedback, which fuels our enthusiasm and inspires us to move forward.

Here are a few photographs to enjoy and please do not forget to sign up to our newsletter as we will with no doubt have many events lined up in the forthcoming weeks, from entrepreneurs breakfasts to private viewings – you can book them directly with us if you haven’t been able to be there on the night-

The team at Monsieur London

Thibault Fulchiron – Founder

Valentin Goux - Founder

Bertrand Malatray – Financial advisor

Anna Dilphy – PR advisor

Raphael Menesclou – Designer

Lauren Manès Murphy - Sales

Shaun GordonMikhail KorauschThe feet projectFlavie Trichet LespagnolMonsieur LondonMia SabelValentin GouxSteven SkippenMonsieur LondonMonsieur LondonEric Musgrave

Thibault Fulchiron

Shoeshine UK

The feet project

Ray Frensham dandyMonsieur London

Marion MayMonsieur London Pall MallRoyal Opera ArcadeRe Up agencyThe feet project Re-upMonsieur London

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