"Draw me an accessory": let's vote now!

Jun 03, 2014

Monsieur London

Two weeks ago on the evening of our friends and Family launch event, our guests were offered to sketch their dream accessory. You all had the opportunity to contribute via email as well and we had an impressive participation. Carefully handpicked by the team (It’s been a tough call as we were spoiled for choice) here are some of the submitted drawings for you to cast your vote. The winner will see his dream accessory turn into a tangible item of our collection, we will name it after its creator and of course they will receive one, courtesy of Monsieur.

Best of luck everybody and let the best man win !

Valentin Goux.

Thomas Bredel


William Atkinson



Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Hugo Filipe Carvalho

Lucille Marcelin

Manu Ridocci

Jonathan Coen

Jonathan Coen

Julian Wadley

Veronica Forcignano

Veronica Forcignano

Etienne Demaumont

Let's vote now! Just write us on hello@monsieurlondon.com, and tell us your favourite. You can also find these pictures in HD on our Facebook page

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