Alex Mendham & his Orchestra play at London Saint Pancras.

Jun 27, 2014

The latest performance of this 11 piece symphonic orchestra, with youthful and energetic conductor Alex Mendham, took them to the Eurostar arrivals in Saint Pancras last Tuesday evening for two hours of shared passion for music from the art deco era.

Gathering a quickly growing number of dancers joining the musicians, the chosen pieces were all most beautifully played, and throughout the performance we had the delight of some outstanding solo contributions. Travelers passing by absorbed in their commute did not detract from the stature of the performance. Very much the opposite, many of them chose to stray from the immutable pattern of their day to stop for a moment and get transported into a different journey, the one that only music can take you through: A personal, joyful yet introspective uplift of the soul.

 To be able to perform and communicate with such a modern energy and to such a high standard brings credit to the orchestra, and especially to the conductor Alex Mendham for his musical insight and expertise. Following the footsteps of big names such as Carroll Gibbons and his Savoy Orpheans and the Savoy Havana Band, Alex Mendham & his Orchestra have just embarked on a residency at the Savoy Hotel. We wish all the success to them.

Here are a few photos for your enjoyment

Alex Mendham

Twist dance

Alex Mendham & his Orchestra

Twenties dress

Alex Mendham & his Orchestra

St Pancras Orchestra

Alex Mendham & his Orchestra

Hat lady

 Check out the Savoy’s website for future dates:

 For more info , Beautiful photos and more dates , stop by the wonderful:

 All photo credits Reme Campos:

Anna Dilphy - Guest blogging for Monsieur London.

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