A hat’s journey on the Silk Route

Jul 30, 2014

Monsieur London hatIs the sunscreen at the ready where you are? After a cool start to the Summer the temperatures in London have been rising sharply but with the occasional support from a refreshing bottle of French Rose the Team has managed to adopt a cruising pace a seasonal notch down from our normal frenetic style as we have managed the round of book launches, openings, gigs, festivals and barbecues. You will have to be magnanimous about the slightly less regular updates until September as we reflect the pace of the Summer and although we apologise for it, something tells us it might be aligned to you also taking some time off by the seaside or indulging in your favourite summer down-time activities away from the online world.

However, some people are still busy adventurous bees and we thought of sharing an endearing adventure with you and who knows, inspire you to go off the beaten tracks on the occasion of a future trip by instilling a “parfum d’ailleurs” to those who are office-bound during the heat waves.  This it where it starts:

Our lovely and bubbly friend Josephine (we send her all our support and love ) has been tasked with looking after one of our hats as she prepares to launch herself across Europe to reach Mongolia. Yes, The Silk Road of historic fame is her route. We take a bow to her determination and adventurous nature as to emulate the challenges of old, she is doing it in her old Fiat Panda.

Donning one of our felt hats made in the french Pyrenees, Josephine is about to follow in the footsteps of traders, tyrants, artists and spies along one of the most rewarding and oldest trading routes in the world. From Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan this route, which links China with Europe, has played host to an eclectic mix of people for over 2000 years, resulting in a fusion of religion, culture and ethnicity unique in history.

In true Monsieur London Style you will have the unique opportunity to follow her trials and tribulations through Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia. 


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