Huffington Release

Sep 03, 2014


Monsieur London thanks Huffington for their support and their appreciation of how French Obsession is translating into a new home for style in London.

We are settling down into our new boutique in Piccadilly - the ideal companion to our existing website - and are looking forward to some exciting events that we shall be hosting and to the arrival of our new season collection.  This autumn we shall be delivering the cosy feel that the gentleman returning from his travels will find luxuriously welcoming.  We shall have the sort of accessories that turn the all-too-often dull colours of the season into something far richer and more standout whether relaxing at home - style should be with us everywhere - or out and about on the dampening streets.

Rich prunes, deep blues, shiny charcoals and black. But keep your eyes peeled for now!

We are delighted that we shall also be widening our range of stock through partnerships with like-minded suppliers, which already means we have beautiful socks from luxury brand, Pantherella to add some colour to the under-appreciated ankles of our customers.  Our aim is to ensure we always have something new to catch the eye with that sparkle of style that marks out the gentleman.

Special thanks to Elizaveta Belozerova, Sindbad Iksel from Iksel films and to our wonderful master saddler Mia.


 - Valentin Goux, Thibault Fulchiron and the PR team at Monsieur London

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