The Only Way is to March

Oct 06, 2014

Being usually relaxed and of spontaneous disposition with a slight tendency to agoraphobia, this is not a usual custom to take part in protests at Monsieur London. That said, some worthy albeit rare cause may entice us to round up with the red-faced indignant protesters as they chant terrible slogans. On last monday during lunchtime, the anarcho-dandyist mag “ The Chap” had gathered in Savile row with its most fervent followers for their annual protest against a high street giant who had established its home on the street, selling clothes of mediocre quality with even more so mediocre taste involving heady fragrances and blasting music. Oh and the whole package as if it that tragic display of tasteless marketing was not enough is usually promoted by half naked “models”. Needless say more …if you dig into your younger brother’s wardrobe you may well find one of their hoodies.

If we needed to raise our voice against all types of cheap apparel, there would be very little time left for important activities, such as sleeping, but these lads are taking it a notch too far, having set up home not once but twice in the Mecca of the suit, the very place where almost the integrality of the modern man’s wardrobe came to life and where tailors are still struggling to keep tradition alive despite the ever rising rent prices and the ever decreasing awareness of the quality of these garments.


A cause well worthy of our time and its manifestation not lacking of wit, we then got suited up in the most “ Chap” way possible, tweet and velvet and went on to join the merry congregation of pipe smokers led by Gustav Temple in person. Seeing him grilling the staff at the incriminated store in a seemingly naïve way on the “ alteration services offered to fit a pair of trousers or replace a jacket’s lining “ was pure joy. The slogan on the day couldn’t have been more straightforward: “ Give three piece a chance “. An overt tribute to John Lennon’s “ Give peace a chance”, given one of the two shops occupies the premises on 3, Savile Row, formerly the GQ of Apple Corps Ltd, also known as the Beatle’s record company who hosted the infamous last concert of the band on its rooftop.

A most entertaining event, for a worthy cause, delt with the most British of humour: We couldn’t ask for more.


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