Merry Christmas, thank you all and see you soon, sacrebleu!

Dec 24, 2014

Christmas is upon us. It's just a matter of hours now. After this incredible year, which has allowed us to open our first Store, to meet new friends, and to organize a few pop up shops in France and England - not to mention keep on living the dream - we just want to thank you all. Customers, artisans, suppliers, partners, relatives and friends, Monsieur London would not be there whithout you (We also did our part...)

Happy holidays to you all, and to your loved ones. The shop will close tonight at 6. Most of our team is already gone on vacations, but Valentin is now going to be able to start cooking his Poularde demi-deuil, and Thibault should enjoy long walks in the countryside. Also, our phones will be turned off for 24 hours. During this time, please be so kind to send any invoice to Santa.

Merry Christmas,

Thibault and Valentin.

Post scriptum 1: Late for your presents? Think about our gift cards.

Post scriptum 2: Is there any grammar mistakes in this blog post? Damn, Valentin already started to celebrate! He shall be severly punished: no snails for him this Christmas.

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