A bespoke Monsieur London accessory

Jan 06, 2015

It may be both the most complex and exciting part of our adventure. For those who don’t know it yet, beside its many male accessories – made-to-measure for some of them – Monsieur London offers a service of creation of unique and exceptional objects.

Our made-to-measure department works together with craftsmen who make our other products, in order to respond our customers’ needs, which are both precise and challenging. Recently, we have worked on desk blotters prototypes for a luxury Parisian hotel, but also on a project of leather apron for an exceptional florist, and on roll for drawings for a prestigious interior design company. They are all fascinating challenges.

Every time, we design the product, chose its leather or fabric, its colour and shade, its texture and patterns; we refine the seams, and alter the linings. It is like a creative dream where anything is possible. Sometimes, we can spend half a day to one of our suppliers, rolling out dozens of different leathers, measuring their thickness and testing their flexibility, comparing two almost similar loops for hours but failing to chose our favourite one. It requires fastidiousness and precision to arrive at the perfect alchemy between the making of a great product and the respect of the client’s request.

Then, we have to study the use of the object in order to guarantee its lifespan and quality, that are both the distinctive marks of all our products. A desk blotter on which people will write should then be protected against coffee or water stains; the leather of a suitcase should be treated in a particular way, in order to not be too damaged during a trip; the lining of a driving glove will not be the same as that of an everyday glove…

For all these accessories, at any rate, we have a lot of fun, and hope that the passion we bring to their creation can be seen in our finished products. But it is up to you to claim that! For any request for made-to-measure accessories, feel free to contact us, and we will send you a quotation within few days: hello@monsieurlondon.com

Translation from french : Eve Taraborrelli

Text : F. McKenzie, Cover picture: Colin Coutts

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