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Feb 17, 2015

Well, it seems that we have both good and bad news to announce. The bad one: we are leaving the Royal Opera Arcade shop, which does not fit our needs anymore. The good one: we have tons of stock to offer for a good price. A very good price. And we can already picture you being all excited about this. But wait for a little while, we have to explain everything first.

To start with, don’t worry about us, we will move to another shop, and potentially two ones, one being currently planned in France as well. But for London we will wait until we find the perfect spot. No rush, the website keep on turning (♪♫proud Mary keep on burning♪♫). And we will also try to take part in many pop up stores to meet our dear customers as soon as possible.

That being said, we understand you are devastated. That is why we are officially launching a leather accessories bonanza, with 40% off on our belts, gloves and bags. This will last for a week and stop on Sunday night. Hurry up, there won’t be enough hand stitched bags for everybody! (To enjoy this offer, click on the image below)

Thibault and Valentin

PS: the 27th of February will be our last day in the store.


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