Everything needs to change, so everything can stay the same.

Jul 23, 2015

Are you reading this from a desktop computer ? If so you are most likely working, very sorry about that. But we are sure that all of your friends are thinking of you while on the seaside napping with a panama hat on their face. We thought that maybe the few of you still working in an empty office would be happy to get a few news from Monsieur London. We are preparing our development plans for 2016, and even if we cannot say out loud too much too soon, it’s going to be amazing. In the meantime, the offer on our website is going to change slightly.

It all started with the perfect gesture. Our ambition was to sublime it, creating Monsieur London to offer artisan’s quality to a larger audience for a fair price. Not an easy task for sure. But we tried! We explained how we were making the products, what they meant to us, and who were the men and women crafting it. And It’s been a success for three years. (Yep, three years, we cannot believe it either.)

Today, Monsieur London is ready for a new step in its quality quest: a large bespoke offer, for which we’ve been working for months in our secret lab (Thibault’s kitchen not to name it). It means that a part of the ready to wear offer will soon be replaced by a bespoke one. You will be then able to design your own products, choosing colour of material, size and personalization before it is produced and delivered to you.

Of course, this change won’t be made in a single day, and won’t affect the products for which it’s impossible to do bespoke at interesting costs. The ties or pockets squares for example. For these one, the offer will stay the same, and the quality won’t change either. You will still be able to get the best silks and wool to wrap around your neck. But expect some big changes on the leather products side!

We will work all summer on this, for an interesting new step in September.

See you then,

Thibault and Valentin

Have a look at the french version here.

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