Proudly holding your trousers for 200 years

Oct 02, 2012

Braces fabric

Our product's story starts in 1820 a few steps away from Piccadilly Circus. Albert Thurston a local craftsman designed and created his first braces, to be sold to the London Bourgeoisie. Soon the young company found success and acquired a solid reputation of quality. Quality that would be awarded 30 years later during the first universal exhibition in Hyde Park with a prize distinguishing exceptional craftsmanship. During the Victorian Era, Thurston’s braces foreshadowed the shift in men’s fashion at the turn of the century to more casual items.

Thurston gradually became the supplier to all Savile Row's world-renowned tailers, and became ana by word for class and excellence. So much so that at the eve of the Second World War, an English actor by the name of Ralph Richardson, on the cusp of stardom with roles in Exodus and The Four Feathers, rushed to his usual tailor to order 12 pairs of braces to ensure that he would remain properly dressed throughout the War.

Seventy years later, Thurston is still a symbol of quality counting James Bond among their clientele. Monsieur London got lost in Thurston's impressive catalogues selecting rather modern colours inspiring an ageless quality. The pleasure was all ours, perhaps you should share it. 

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