A well tied knot

Oct 02, 2012

Irish poplin tie

As with our braces, our ties are closely linked to the Victorian era and a great island. Atkinsons, a timeless manufacturer started by Dublin’s mayor in 1820, it was awarded a royal warrant by Queen Victoria in 1827. Ever since Atkinsons has been the only company to produce Royal Irish poplin, a fabric made of a 50/50 blend of the finest silk and Australian merino wool.

Not to deny its Irish origin or its royal credentials, the blend finds its origin in French culture. Originally called « Papeline », or linen of the pope, poplin was first created for the dressing pleasure of the nobility of Avignon who were part of the Pope's court.

The production know-how was then exported to Ireland during the 17th century by French Huguenots fleeing from persecution. In their new home, the French crafters started mixing high quality wool to the silk, creating the Irish poplin.

Hand stitched, our ties are made of wool, silk, or Irish poplin some woven and some knitted. Presenting a variety of colours and patterns, we created some narrow cuts to bring a more modern look. It would take the fabric two hundred years to gain its royal seal of approval, and two hundred more for us to write the tale of a history we are humbled to play our part in. 

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