Jewellery for your wrist

Oct 02, 2012

Crafting cufflinks

Those are small details, a fantasy sadly missing from most men's closet. Cufflinks don't seem to appeal to young people , who think of them as formal and boring. Yet, Monsieur London can't think of any equal ways to hold a shirt, and will strive to develop a nice collection of those accessories of the wrist in the futur.

Our cufflinks are hand-made in a traditional workshop close to Paris established in 1899. Those cufflinks are once again the result of an impressive knowhow possessed by the Faglin company, which produces unique products for the luxury industry.

First cut, then engraved and polished, these tiny pieces of metal go through the hands of many craftsman before ending up on a shirt.

For Monsieur London, those craftsmen have prepared four different models exclusively for Monsieur London, including two engraved with our logo.  

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