Flat cap in tweed, a classic

Oct 02, 2012

hebridean sheep

It is a special fabric in the gentleman farmer’s wardrobe and is quintessential of a certain British flair. For centuries, tweed has ensured the hard wearing quality of elegant clothing well-adapted to outdoors living. A simple jacket to a flat cap, or even a full suit, it is adapted to the majority of gentlemen’s essentials and to every occasion, and has even gradually found a place in urban style.

Produced on the Scottish border, our flatcaps are entirely made of Hebridean sheeps wool. This breed of sheep, which got its name from its home on the islands to the West of Scotland, may be descended from stock brought over from Scandinavia by the Vikings. Considered an endangered species up until a few decades ago when rescued by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, a national charity working to conserve and protect the United Kingdom's rare native breeds of farm animals. Since then, their population has grown to over 3000, ensuring the survival of the breed.

Thanks to the exceptional quality of this breed’s wool, undyed yet mixed with a small proportion of Shetland wool in various colours, Monsieur London can offer four different sorts of tweed.  Each with a rustic yet elegant style and perfectly adapted to the production of our flatcaps, happily at the same time playing our part in the survival of this little black sheep.

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