Why go with handmade ?

Oct 15, 2012

Leather for belts

Why handmade ? Why develop and promote handmade accessories is a question that we have been asked by a few these days.

Why bother indeed ? Why not go to the superstore or to this well-known high street retailer who massively produces in a third world country ? Why not consume cheaply here and now, and change as often as you deem fit for the sake of new, of newer ?

There are many answers to this question. The main one would have to do with balance.

Balance in production to start with. There is nothing wrong with machines working, however worker considered as machines or replaced by them is a different issue. We believe our products to be beautiful because they have been made by people who possess a know-how, who are not exploited nor rushed at every minute of their working time. One could say our products have soul.

We take proud in supporting these people and this mode of production that almost disappeared during the last century.

Balance in consumption. Sourcing good long lasting materials is one of the key to reduce ecological impact on our end. Buying quality is the key on the consumer’s end. The central idea being : It’s better to invest in something which will last ten years, has character and that you will care for, then to buy products every year or every three years because they are cheaper. That even if they are organic.

There is nowadays a growing rational trend to own less, and more responsibly; handmade products that respect know-how, people and promote long lasting material are part of it. And let’s face it, it just looks better.