James Bond, another Monsieur from London

Oct 17, 2012

Daniel Craig in James Bond
Being a man of good taste, you have loved Casino Royale, have been slightly disappointed by Quantum of Solace, and are about to enjoy Skyfall, the latest episode of the most British secret agent’s epic saga. 
007’s adventures will take place in London this time. It has been a great year for the English capital that has consecutively hosted the Queen’s Jubilee and the summer Olympics games. Let’s not forget the short James Bond helicopter stunt staring Daniel Craig and the Queen that was broadcasted at the opening ceremony.

At Monsieur London, we are very pleased with Skyfall. We believe that London deserves such a tribute as the city is bubbling with projects, ideas and interesting people. We are also delighted by the fact that the excellent Daniel Craig and Monsieur London happen to share the same brace supplier. Yes, we can proudly say that James Bond wears our elegant “Gotham night News” braces during his poker game in Casino Royale. 

Owning braces is one thing, it is another to wear them with style. Even our favourite secret agent has not always been beyond reproach on the matter. For instance, braces can be worn with metal clips for jeans, yet when worn with a tuxedo, the pants should only be supported by button suspenders with leather bindings. A fact overlooked by Timothy Dalton’s costume designer in “"The Living Daylights" released in 1987. As you can see on the photo below, the result is somewhat surprising, and poor. Dalton’s performance had already been criticised by most fans, we also deplore his less than dapper style.

Timothy Dalton in James Bond

Yet to be fair it isn’t much compared to the red polo neck jumpers worn by George Lazenby in “On Her Majesty's Secret Service” or Roger Moore’s frilled shirts and other geometrical ties of good taste. One can only be lenient, as the actors are not to be blamed for the poor fashion trends of their time.

Monsieur Craig… no error of taste. The suits are impeccably cut in Savile Row as they should be, with perfectly adjusted braces, ties not too large, and nicely polished shoes. No eccentricity which Bond might be ashamed in 20 years. In short, licensed to kill is again under the condition of good taste.