Accessories for men - Names of our products

Nov 02, 2012

Tweed flat cap

We recently asked you the question; do you know what our product names relate to ? Here are a few answers for each category of accessory, and a bit of information about the thought process behind their names. Some of them are obvious…some are the product of deep reflection, and others are private jokes.

Gloves. For our gloves that are hand sewn in Millau, we wanted to look at one of our favourite novels, where the heroes spend their time fighting duels. Duelling was an activity that one committed to after having thrown your glove at your opponent, indicating a challenge. Bouquingan, Tréville and Bragelonne are all important characters in the immense work of Alexandre Dumas’s ‘Three Musketeers’. The first is none other than George Villiers, the first Duke of Buckingham and fantasy lover of Queen Anne of Austria in the anglicised version of the story. The second is Jean-Armand du Peyrer, Count of Tréville and captain of King Louis XIII’s musketeers. The last character is Raoul, Viscount of Bragelonne, son of Athos and the Duchess of Chevreuse and the only fictitious character of the three.

Ties. Our handmade ties and bowties pay homage to the regions of Northern Ireland where they were made. They are made mostly from a fabric called Royal Irish Poplin, and Queen Victoria awarded our manufacturer a Royal Warrant. All of these products are named after Northern Irish castles in the county of Antrim, where our supplier makes our ties for men.

Braces. For this classic symbol of British elegance, we drew upon our collective unconscious to look for a profession that related to our English made braces. We landed upon the image of New York news offices in the 1950’s, filled with men in shirt-sleeves, their ties loosened, braces attached, glass of whisky in hand, typing frantically on old type-writers. So we decided to use the names of newspapers, imaginary or extinct, for our braces.

Hand sewn gloves

Hats. Once again, imagination came to our rescue when choosing names for our handmade hats from France. Associated in pop culture with the heyday of Borsalinos, worn by French gangsters in the 30s and 40s, our felt hats have been named after certain major gangsters of Marseille’s French Connection. Apart from one which was named in tribute to our web designer Charles de Dreuille, director of the London based creative agency ‘La Moulade’.

Flat Caps. No need to look too hard for a name for our Scottish caps. We simply used the names of their tweed – quality Hebbridean sheeps wool tweed with names as beautiful as their material.

Bags. Handstiched in Columbia, our bags for men are named after the towns of this incredible country, where the concept of Monsieur London was born one year ago. These handmade leather bags for men rich in their European and south American influence are a tribute to a magnificent, colourful and welcoming country.

Belts. Created in the heart of London, and handmade by a renowned artisan saddler, who is as passionate about riding as he is art, our leather belts for men had to be named after the great horses of legend. The first amongst them, Northern Dancer, was an English pure-bred stallion who has often been called the greatest stallion of the century. His lineage was continued after he died in 1990, by Saddler’s Well – the name of another one of our belts, who was born in the United States in 1981 and died in 2011. As for Flying Fox, an English bay stallion of the 19th century, he was the first horse to reach the incredible price of one million gold francs. His skeleton is still on show in the stables of Saumur in France.

Cufflinks. Engraved by hand in the Paris region, our cufflinks are simply named after their geometric form.

Black satchel handmade