Bruce Willis, the classiest man in the world

Nov 02, 2012

Bruce Willis in Sin City
Hurray, Looper came out in cinemas today, announcing the return of Bruce Willis. It might not be his best film, but at Monsieur London we cannot hide our joy, as the prospect of our favourite bald man reappearing on the big screen excites us! First and foremost however, and perhaps unfortunately for his acting career, Bruce Willis is stuck with a character. Eternally 40, spiritual, full of humour and biceps is he your everyday man, yet a bit stronger and a bit funnier – a 2.0 version your neighbour.

This character specialisation is a curse for actors. Romy Schneider spent ten years trying to get out of the princess roles, and it was twenty years before Jim Carrey made a film where he didn’t pull a funny face, but Bruce Willis will never stop playing the role of his life. This started in ‘Die Hard’, and was continued in the following three films in the series. A slightly alcoholic cop, friendly loony, resistant to all authority – including that of his wife, fighting against the most evil enemy of the time – an East German defector in the 80’s, a fascist militant in the following decade, or a hacker today.

Die Hard

Of course, a career full of friendly and addictive turkey has not prevented Bruce Willis from playing in authentic masterpieces like Terry Williams’s ’12 Monkeys’, Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ and Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City’. In these films he is given free rein of his real talent, without having to blow up a bridge every three minutes. 

Beyond his filmography one thing is certain; Bruce Willis, without showing proof of any particular talent in the field of clothing, is one of the classiest men in the world. Even in a vest. Not everyone can pull that off; Bruce only needed a pair of jeans, a leather belt and a white t-shirt to impress. Of course, it’s even better when he wears a felt hat and a three piece suit, as seen in ‘Last man standing’ (see below), but we can picture him playing harmonica on his ranch in Montana, dressed like a cowboy…simple yet elegant. 
As good news never arrives alone, Bruce Willis will be returning in a few months for the fifth Die Hard. Undoubtedly a poor quality movie, but really who cares?

Bruce Willis gangster