A girl's insight into man style #1 - What goes around comes around.

Nov 10, 2012


Much to my mother’s dismay, my father is a hoarder. He has successfully filled our loft with clothes and trinkets that are up to fifty years old. He is constantly being told ‘you can’t wear that Kevin!’, yet he battles on. There are batik shirts of all colours and patterns, thick wool jumpers from the 60s, tiny embroidered denim shorts from the 70s and unheard of amounts of horrendous ski wear from the 80s. His logic is that there is no point in throwing anything away, as it will most definitely come back into fashion at some point in the future. He’s not all wrong.

This got me to thinking; these clothes are older than me and probably in better condition. They have travelled all around the world with him, and still they are perfectly wearable today. You just don’t see that anymore. I can guarantee you that none of my Topshop or H&M stock will have survived long enough to make it to my loft in thirty years. They don’t make them like that today.

Personally I don’t think I have a good sense of fashion. I like to wear clothes that have a story to them and that above all I feel comfortable in (much to the disappointment of my boyfriend who would love me to make an effort once in a while). I have a ridiculous amount of clothes, yet I think anyone that knows me can tell you the staples of my wardrobe. I have a few items that I wear no matter what, for every occasion, because they make me feel good and I know that I won’t walk in to the room/bar/club wearing the same thing as fifty other girls who have all trawled the high street - I have something unique. Luckily for me, these favourite pieces also bear the mark of longevity - they might make it to the loft.

When it comes to boys I can’t speak for womankind, but I admire a boy that makes an effort when he gets out of bed in the morning. I’m not saying that I endorse all kinds of crazy, but what girl doesn’t enjoy a man that brushes up a bit every now and then? We’ve been through the 60s – 80s fashions again, and now we’re embracing the earlier years, the 20s-50s. Shows like Downton Abbey, Mad Men and most BBC period dramas show dapper men in braces and ties – yum. In my mind, the man that is always going to win is the one that has managed to incorporate something interesting into his outfit. Something that says to me, there is a story behind this particular item, it has been well made, will stand the test of time, and maybe my daughter will end up taking it out of my loft in thirty years and wear it herself.  

An insight by Kathie