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Nov 13, 2012

Style alphabet
You would be forgiven for assuming that stylists and personal shoppers are exclusively for celebrities making an appearance on the red carpet. However, there are now a number of companies set up offering these services. It’s understandable, in today’s society whether you agree with it or not, you are judged on the clothes you wear, on the hair you style and the image you create.

This week Monsieur London has entered into a partnership with one such company; men’s fashion website The experienced team at StyleAlphabet offer personal style consulting, shopping and even concierge services.

Unlike some, this stylist promises to adjust to the customer, and help you impress your audience, be it a date or a possible employer. The professional company directed by Julian Sudre can boost your confidence and rather than turn you into another hipster or fashionista, they can help you to improve your ‘personal brand’.

Whether you chose help with style, shopping or the complete concierge services there’s no doubt that the StyleAlphabet will do a lot more than simply find you nice clothes. Julian and his team understand better than most that the clothes are just a part of the man. Even if you just chose to browse the website, the regularly updated Lookbook offers some chic, quality and fairly easy to achieve menswear looks.

And here at Monsieur we are complemented by the fact that this partnership is beginning.

George Marsden

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