Travelling in London, it’s to be enjoyed!

Nov 17, 2012

London tube

An old boss of mine once told me, “it’s the simple things in life that will make you happy”, he continued to explain, “I take the scenic route into work and it always starts my day with a smile”.Initially dismissing this boss of mine, I now believe his words to be wise.

It is with this idea that today I write about travel, and in particular, travel in London. For a long time travelling around London was the bane of my day. Recently though, I’ve been using it as time to relax, think and replenish. London, contrary to what you may think is one of the best places to appreciate travel.

I’ll explain; firstly there’s the variety of options. You have the world famous red Routemaster, the buses are iconic and have been copied around the world. Hong Kong and Seoul are just two of the cities following in London’s automotive footsteps. Then there is the tube, for speed and traffic the tube can rarely be beaten. If you want to travel for free, get on your bike. Boris Johnson recently announced there is to be hundreds of new cycle lanes in the capital, making it safer and easier to getaround. If you don’ t mind spending a little then there’s the black cab, again another one of London’s iconic modes of transport.

Now I’d like you to consider your time while travelling. Each piece of transport presents you with different pleasantries’. Choosing the Routemaster you’ll travel in relative comfort, and it gives you a chance to acknowledge London, travelling through central London on top deck is undeniably interesting, no other bus journey in the country would compare. I regularly use the tube and cannot contain my fascination with it. For me, it’s one of the most amazing engineering jobs in the world and the fact that work began on it in 1863 is utterly incredible. My personal favourite form of transport is the bicycle, whether you use Boris bikes, or your own, they are fast, cheap and good for you. Cycling, at a comfortable pace, is a pleasurable sport. When I’m able to cycle to in the middle of a working day, I cannot believe my luck. The final form of transport I ask you to contemplate is the
black cab. You’ll enjoy the comfort of a private car, but far more importantly, if politely questioned, a cabbie can entertain a bleak journey with their take on news and the wider world. It’s truly captivating, I assure you.

So you see, I maintain travel can be a hugely positive part of your day. Even if it is over-priced and a bit cramped, I challenge you to enjoy your next commute or midday dash across the city.

George Marsden

Picture by Christian Lendl

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