Movember, a trial period for the moustache!

Nov 23, 2012

Pilote with a moustache November as far as I am concerned is the month of bleak, wet days and cold, dark evenings. It has barely anything to offer accept maybe Guy Fawkes Night, but even the fireworks that this entails couldn’t brighten up the quietest of months.

So when I heard about Movember a few years ago, I jumped on the bandwagon. ‘Anything to make this month more fun’ I thought to myself. Now, I'm not saying this is going to vastly improve the month, but it's certainly something to enjoy, perhaps you’ve taken part.  The original idea was to grow your mo for the entire month of November in aid of raising awareness for prostate cancer. And where else should an idea like this come from other than Down Under, in Aussie land. Started in 1999 the charitable movement has now spread through America, Canada, Britain and much of Europe. Particularly popular in hipster hot spots such as East London and New York.

The growing of the moustache has certainly done a job in raising awareness, with numerous sports stars and celebrities taking part in the charity event. I would suggest however that man's eagerness to take part may well be driven not solely by his charitable heart. I suspect that for many men, especially in trendier parts of the world, growing a moustache is something these men have long wanted to try. You see, simply experimenting with facial hair can be daunting and can be met with uncomfortable questioning and jibes from peers, maybe like me, you’ve experienced this. A good moustache is an envied thing, and those who envy the ‘tache can, like me, use Movember. It gives us the opportunity to try out the moustache without getting question by others.

I would have to agree with Valentin Goux, of Monsieur London who says ‘a moustache is a commitment’. If you’re determined to be a moustached gentleman, it is like a Monsieur itself, a long term addition to your style, not a short one.

George Marsden


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