Winter fashion, keep it classic!

Dec 16, 2012

Paisley and TweedMost people who know me would argue that I shouldn’t have the authority to talk about winter fashion, that’s because I spend most winter days in a dressing gown and warm pyjamas. Maybe they’re right, but I have a blog to write so I must go on.

Autumn /winter collections are usually more masculine, British and traditional. They’re also more substantial and generally give magazines and fashion bloggers more to talk about, ultimately because there’s more clothes being worn. Winter collections usually consist of layers, coats and boots. Summer collections are quite often far more simple. Especially if you think about Dolce & Gabbana who like to send their models out in a pair of skimpy speedos.

My fiancée is quite a lot more organised with her ‘wardrobe’ than me, in the summer she’ll actually have suitcases full of winter wear separate from her actual wardrobe. Then, come the winter, she will open up the suitcases and rediscover her warmer clothes. I probably don’t have enough clothes, or organisation to sort my wardrobe in this way. Regardless of this, I still have clothes that are winter garments. I have a double breasted woollen coat that my mum got me after leaving high school. I haven’t grown much since then so it still fits me, and being that it is a very traditional timeless piece, it has stayed with me since. Every year, around October 1st, I am reunited with the coat. It’s like meeting a good friend I hadn’t seen in months.

Most winters I’ll buy one new garment, as I’ve got older I’ve prioritised quality and longevity over price and quantity; usually I choose classic items rather than the latest trend. This is especially so in the winter, I don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds every winter because my coat is ‘so last season’ nor do I don’t want to have to buy three pairs of polyester gloves per season because of holes.

George Marsden


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