Monsieur London and the seasonality

Jan 09, 2013

Original bracesThe British Fashion Council has succeeded this year in strengthening Men’s week, by scheduling it just before “Pitti Uomo”, the annual menswear fair in Firenze. The exaltation around English creation is at its most vivacious and we are rejoicing to be surrounded by such a craze. 

We at Monsieur London, are often asked about seasonality – a concept that most applies to :

1 - High street retailers who have a two or three weeks “time to market”, and mass production, with no focus on quality.
2 - High fashion as their creations are defined by demand and showcases. In that case, the customer will wait to get the product, as it is bespoke.

Seasonality is not yet our model; we don’t want to completely change our men's accessories collection every six months just for the sake of novelty. 
First of all, as a company promoting timeless and high quality basics, it would be a contradiction to plan the obsolescence of our products. We don’t purvey changing fashion, but quality style.
Secondly, we have stocks of products so you don’t wait a month for production and delivery. Changing collection means getting rid of existing stock, which we already sell at a fair price. To be honest, when you sell at a fair price, you just can’t discount that much.

Yet we need novelty and do understand the need for it. We don’t just need it, we want it as well. Developing new products is an exciting challenge and one of the reasons for creating the company initially. We indeed love looking for new material, collaborating with our crafters on new designs to create prototypes.

Those are the reasons why, rather than offering planned obsolete products, we are as we speak developing exclusive capsule collections that will soon be available on our website in a very limited number. These accessories will allow us to offer our customers even more exclusive products at reasonable prices without compromising on quality.

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