Throw away “throw away fashion”.

Jan 19, 2013

Tweed JacketThere was little I learnt from my time spent in retail last year. Unless, that is, you think that repeating the same line to every customer that walks in the shop as a useful skill. Maybe being able to body fold a shirt in 5 seconds will help me in the future, but for now, I don’t see that happening. There is one thing that working in this particular shop did help me to learn, and that is the importance of material. The shop in which I worked placed great emphasis on the quality or material, we were made to learn about the way the fabric was made, and how it should be treated. Before, I assumed everything could go in pretty much the same wash, and that polyester was just as good as cotton or wool.

I’m now aware of why cashmere is so dear, and why we shouldn’t stick lambswool in with the cotton wash. It’s helped me to appreciate the different qualities of fabrics. It’s also made me respect clothes and accessories a lot more, knowing the story behind the garment is something that is mostly forgotten. There are not many stores on the high street which can tell you the origin of their stock, or the workers that create such huge quantities of clothes. It seems to be forgotten and unimportant for many, but if you want to fall in love with an item of clothing, a bag, a hat, I think it is important that you know a little about the origin of the item and also something about how to treat the piece too.

Granted, it’s made shopping a little more expensive, but it means that I don’t, and you won’t, get through quite as many poorly made clothes. “Throw away fashion”, is something I feel really uneasy with, it’s incredibly unethical, and essentially you’ll never really get to enjoy the clothes you wear. By the time a pair of gloves become moulded to you, they will be falling apart.

Since I first met Thibault and Valentin, Monsieur London directors, it was clear that their philosophy was refreshingly familiar, there’s not many people out there who understand quality and ethicality better than them. At Monsieur London they take pride in the stories that their clothes tell, and they are proud of the quality that the fair treatment towards their suppliers. Most fashion is “throw away” these days, but long live Monsieur London.

George Marsden

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