The Perfect Gentleman Partnership

Feb 08, 2013

British GentlemenAt Monsieur London we aim to provide men accessories that can enhance lifestyle. To be an extension of who you are, and maybe the person you strive to be. We do realise though, that a fine leather belt or beautifully crafted holdall can only go so far in making us all true gentlemen.  

Today, a true gentleman is a rare thing. As a gender we’ve forgotten our true nature, our softer more courteous side. In place, competitive, rude, alpha males have become our leaders. There are those who use manners and charm momentarily to impress a particular partner. These are not gentlemen; it should not be something you switch on and off. It’s something most of us are guilty at doing, holding the door a little longer for the beauty and letting the door slam for the beast.  We should treat one another with equal levels of charm without hoping for a reward in some sleazy form.

At Zacchary and Nic maintain these beliefs. The British website offers the client sessions to be become the perfect gentlemen, all in good spirit and humour. They’ll teach style and manners but also the trickier stuff like how to appreciate whiskey or cigars. It’s something of a classy self-help guide, with the promise of success in life, business and love. The project should help you climb the corporate ladder with style, all the time looking “dazzling, dashing and debonair”.

We’re proud to announce that MONSIEUR LONDON has entered into a partnership with Together we can make a difference, so expect more manners, grace and style on the streets soon. 

George Marsden

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