Projects, projects and more projects

Mar 04, 2013

The first months have been busy and intense at Monsieur London and we are now working on new and exciting projects. Spontaneous requests for internships keep on coming from young photographs, designers and BA students who appreciate the spirit of our company. Even if we can't answer to every demand positively, we feel very honored by their interest to take part in Monsieur London's dynamic.

Our Company promoting responsible consumption and atemporal elegance triggers very positive reactions, and we have now reached the 1000 Facebook likes which in turn did bring some attention from the blogosphere. 

This last month we had articles in Bonne Gueule and Sodandy two very highly recognised french male fashion blogs but from further as well with one article on the Genteelflair a New York blog. We are expecting more publication this month in the UK and France both in blogs and national press , keep an eye open.

Finishing last week was our 1000th Facebook like first contest to win some of our products. We had a lot of participation and lucky winners in France, the UK and Belgium. We will renew the operation soon, meanwhile we are always delighted to receive feedback and new ideas you to want to submit on

On the product front, we had announced a few months ago our intent to extend our selections, this is now more than an intent as we are currently developing capsule collections of a surprise product in France. Also coming very soon, pocket squares,and Panama hats will be added before the summer. This of course takes time as we are as for all our accessories sourcing the best materials and developping our products with crafters.

For the Londoners, our team is preparing with it's partners what should be an exciting event. More to come in the following weeks, yet be advised that the event will be a mix of Art, Literature and male fashion, in other words a very Monsieur London event.

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