A generation gap

Mar 07, 2013

Cary GrantA generation gap is most noticeable in fashion than anything else in this country. More so than  people’s values, vocabulary or approach to technology. Nothing drives a wedge between the male generations quite like their dress. People are living longer and it’s becoming more and more visible.

Thinking about the three generations of men in my family I suppose I’m in a pretty typical situation; which is my Granddad is a more snappy dresser compared than my old man.

There are few men I admire more than my old Gramps really. He’s pushing 80 now but still dresses like someone out of The Godfather. He never leaves the house without his hat, gloves and scarf. The man rocks purple loafers and paisley bracers without breaking a sweat. I have no idea where he manages to find his fly wool fabric jerseys that I occasionally spy on enviably, although I suspect they have probably been folded up in the wardrobe since they were stitched in 1950. He’s responsible for giving me my first paisley dressing gown out of his own collection for which I’m eternally grateful.

Compare this to my Dad who has probably sported the same knit of jeans and Triumph motorbike t-shirts since he was my age.

I think it’s a pretty standard assumption that we could all take a leaf out of our Grandfathers’ books rather than our Dads’. When some busy-body says to me “your dress like your Granddad” I take it as a small personal victory. I can’t wait for some of the 1950’s generation trends to swing around again.

I’m not saying you should rush down your local high street charity shop and pick out the first old musty, mustard-coloured cardigan you find because, let’s be honest, not everyone can get away with them. Besides (I know the money goes to fantastic cause’s and I’m right behind that) they do seem to be taking over nowadays and squeezing independent retailers off the high street.

What I am saying is that independent retailers who understand this, who are manned by genuine trendy buggers where all the gear comes from a reliable source with a guarantee on quality is pretty rare nowadays. That’s why Monsieur London is such a gem and I’m so pleased to be supporting it.

 James Fredrick Gray


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