The best dressed world leaders

Mar 20, 2013

JFK in a planeBest and dressed politicians are the meat and potatoes of any self-respecting fashion blog. These lists seem to permeate whatever corner of the internet you stumble upon. That’s because its human nature to subconsciously rate these people by their dress. Don’t be ashamed. No one can help that. Minds tend to drift off when you’re unable to relate to the latest reasons we all need to be terrified about North Korea because the man on the T.V is clearly still wearing his high school graduation suit.  

If these people are going to be handling things like nuclear weapons, climate control and economic growth I feel it only fair they don’t look scruffy. But enough of politics. Leave that at the door. None of these leaders are mentioned for their political stance. 

Some have made the list because of their official dress, other for what they wear out the office. Obviously we're going to have to venture out of the U.K here. Scanning the T.V screen during Prime Ministers Question Time midday Wednesday for the most daring tie in a sea of un-daring ties would make for poor reading.  

J.F.K- U.S President. John F. Kennedy was one stylish president and, more than that, he’s pretty far ahead in pole position. He’s knocked Obama off this list for the single U.S president. Why? For his effortless deployment of Ray-Bans, the pin stripe, deck shoes and generally looked suave in anything he choose to pop on in the morning. This vintage look, which looked very natural on the 35th president, has been attempted by generally any white-collar worker since. Few though, embarrassing few in the world of politics, have managed it. 

Robert Mugabe- Zimbabwe President. Hate him or love him (but odds are you’ll probably hate him) you have to admit Mugabe scrubs up. Seriously, who is this fella's tailor? Whoever he is- give that man a knighthood (or whatever the equivalent is in Zimbabwe). He’s put his president on every best dressed list since he’s been in power. Mugabe got bags of 'dictator-chic', as I understand the term. Gold suit pins and bright colours make him stand out on the world stage. The man makes a penny on the side from his own fashion line, each item bearing his signature, and why not? Apparently it’s all the rave in Zimbabwe.

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi- Libyan Dictator. Gaddafi gets a place on this list for sheer I-don’t-know-what. A rampant dictator who met an expected end but one whose dress sense was mind boggling. Now, I’ve never been to Libya, it’s not even on my list of desirable holiday destinations. But I’m pretty sure the rest of the political classes don’t swan around like this. I mean what is going on?

Jon Gnarr Kristinsson- Mayor of Reykjavík, Iceland. Okay, he’s not exactly a world leader, but he should be. Jon Gnarr Kristinsson came to politics as a joke. No really, he did. This Icelandic actor/comedian formed his own party (called 'The Best Party') as a middle finger up to the establishment. He then endorsed it with a satirical campaign trail which included dressing up like a Jedi and then in drag. Thing is, people loved it and he was elected into office as Mayor of Reykjavik. This genius sports flat caps, pink suits and generally anything that says he doesn’t take his role particularly seriously thanks.

Jimmy McMillan- 2010 candidate for Governor of New York City. What’s that? It’s too hot for black leather gloves indoors? That loose black tie thing doesn’t really make any sense at all? Well maybe. But the thing is a large part of Jimmy Mcmillan's appeal was his dress sense. Add that to the sheer time scale it takes to trim a beard into that shape shows how serious McMillan takes his fashion. And for some reason it really works. You hang in there Jimmy.

James Fredrick Gray


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