What Size for my belt

Jun 04, 2013

Monsieur London  made to measure belts  are now available, but what is your exact size ?

There are two ways of checking it :
  • Insert a tape measure in your belt loops holding your trousers as they would usually sit. If you don't have a flexible tape measure, you can use a string and then measure it. This will give you your size of trousers to which you would add two inches / 5 cm to get the right size.

  • Measure an old belt from the base of the buckle (where the leather starts) up to the hole you usually use.

With this method you will let us know where your middle hole needs to be and we will take care of the rest. When placing the order, you will be given the possibility to attach a note in which you'll be able to write down your measurements and instructions.

Please note that leather made to measure/ bespoke orders are limited to the leather hides we have in stock. As larger sizes translate into longer leather length, orders will be subject to confirmation of feasibility and stock availability.

Extra large sizes may come at a greater cost, although we will try to do our best to accommodate.

Leather is a natural material and as such may present some variations of colours from one hide to another, we will provide you with an update if the variation is noticeable.

Likewise, "Nothern Dancer" hides can, alltough we do our best to limit it, present some « caracter », and small marks.

Please note that you are fully responsible for the measurements you provide us with, if you are unsure, don't hesitate to contact us atHello@monsieurlondon.com and we'll be happy to provide support.


Please allow one to two weeks for the making of the belt.


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