Winter is coming...

Nov 06, 2013

Blue beltWinter is drawing in, heralded by the storm of the century. Given this, the Monsieur London team decided it was high time that it debuted its new collection of wool scarves, hand-woven in Ireland in lamb or merino wool, and which we have worked on throughout the summer. The result: a collection inspired by classic British masculine designs, and given a contemporary twist. Featuring hounds-tooth in stunning blue, elegant grey herringbone designs and autumn colours, they are the ideal accessory for the incoming cold winter weather.

While we were at it (and to continue on a seasonal note) we are launching a new range of wooden cufflinks, available in a large variety of styles, from cedar to cherry to oak. They're our current favourite. But let us not forget the original Monsieur London collections; following the success of our coloured belts, we decided to add two new styles to our range crafted in London, including indigo, crafted from high-quality English leather, and dark green, almost black, for a very British finish.

However, although the London life and meeting with our artisan suppliers both continue to inspire our collections, we haven't forgotten our French influences, nor our loyal customers on the other side of the Channel. With this in mind we will soon be holding a Pop-Up shop in Paris for two weeks at the end of November. But don't worry, we won't have left London for good: we are delighted to announce that we shall be part of 'The Holborn Workshop' for the next three months, a brilliant project from the great minds behind the blog of the same name. A little haven tucked away in the heart of Hackney, mixing design influences, architectural projects, a craftsmen's collective and coffee.

Please do get in touch with your comments, suggestions, and what you'd like to see offered on the site. And remember: all of our products and others besides can be custom-made to suit you, or your family and friends. Something to bear in mind as we enter the festive season...


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